Theresa Liao

Communication Professional With A Focus On Science, Art, And Education

- now accepting freelance projects -

Web & Communications

I develop and customize WordPress sites for small business and community groups.

I manage social media teams, develop and carry out social media plans for non-profit organizations.

Event Planning

I handle various aspects of event planning (budget, ticket, promotion, catering, logistics) for events with attendance ranging from 5 (small professional development workshop) to 5000 (public astronomy observation).

Science Outreach

I work with organizations to develop hands-on science activities for children in K-12. I develop creative initiatives to engage adults in experiencing science through non-traditional ways, most notably through art.

I work for the following organizations

Communications Coordinator
Department of Physics & Astronomy,
University of British Columbia

Director of Community Relations
Curiosity Collider Art-Science Foundation

Community Outreach Manager & Tech Lead
Science Borealis Blogging Network

I created the following websites

A Little Night Music Community Orchestra

Claudie Azoulai Artist Website

Curiosity Collider Website

Follow my work

UBC Physics & Astronomy

Curiosity Collider

Science Borealis